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Family Night Dive

Yesterday, we celebrated Riley's Open Water course completion with a family night dive. It was a quarter moon, so not ideal for seeing the String of Pearls, but we had beautiful moonlight streaming through the water on our dive. And the sunset did not disappoint...

A free-swimming green moray eel was our first spotting of the evening. An octopus and lobster soon followed. We spent 10 minutes playing in the dark with lights off, watching the bioluminescence around us. In the distance, we saw a few dots flicker in the black...the string of pearls almost visible but fading too quickly to discern in the moonlight.

We surfaced to whoops of delight and motored back to the dive shop to clean gear. Tacos and margaritas soon followed for the dive crew!

The fam!

Kerry - all about the night dives!

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