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Roatán is known for having an absolutely spectacular String of Pearls display on no moon evenings. We try to schedule our night dives around the moon phases to give customers an unforgettable experience.

We leave the dive shop about fifteen minutes before sunset and head to one of our favorite night dive sites just a short boat ride away. After the sun has set, we'll get our gear ready, go through the dive briefing and then slowly descend below the surface. 

Each diver is equipped with a flashlight, but even on the darkest of nights, your eyes will adjust to the contours of the reef. We spend the first 25-30 minutes of the dive searching for nightly denizens of the reef: eels, crab, octopus, sea urchins, and more. At the end of our dive, we'll kneel gently on a sand patch and turn our lights off, waiting for the Roatán's version of underwater light show. For truly spectacular string of pearls displays, we may sit and watch for 10 minutes or more.

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